I will have limited access to my emails. 

Orders will still be processed during this time however will take longer to complete.


Q. How long will it take for my order to process?

A. Concert and Dance Competition photos can take up to a week

Photo day/Studio Shoot photos and photo print orders may take up to 2 weeks during off season (Feb-Jul) or up to 3 week during peak season (Aug-Jan)

Debutante photos and other photos may take up to 3 weeks to process

This does NOT include weekends or public holidays


Q. When will the photos be available to view?

A. Photos from events are generally up within 14 days


Q. Can I combine concert photos and studio shoot photos in one pack?

A. Concert photos and studio shoot photos cannot be combined in packs as they are different products and require different work (such as editing)


Q. What is the password to access my dance schools photos?

A. Please contact your dance school to receive the password as each gallery is individually protected


Q. Why is the password not working?

A. There are a couple of reasons as to why this might be happening

1. The passwords are case sensitive. You may need to double check that you put the password in correctly

2. The password used to access the gallery IS NOT the same as the password to access your personal account. Mousette cannot access your personal account password and cannot unlock your account.

3. Your personal account does not give you immediate access to the gallery. You will need to type in the specific gallery/dance school password to access the photos.


Q. I'm trying to add photos into a pack but can only see one dance at a time. How to I add photos from different dances into one pack?

A. I suggest that you create a favourites list. Once you have selected the photos you like and added them to your favourites list you are ready to order. 

Click on the "favourites" tab toward the left to order from your favourites list. From here you will be able to see all of the photos you saved to your favourites



Q. Are the digital downloads high resolution?

A. Yes, the resolution you see on your computer screen is the resolution you will receive. Mobile gallery quality is lower resolution than viewing the gallery on a computer


Q. How will I receive my digital download photos?

A. You will be send a link via email with a zip file. This zip file can ONLY be opened on a computer and not a phone. If you wish to download the photos directly to you phone please let me know and I will arrange an alternate download option.


Q. Can you view my cart?

A. I cannot see your cart, however if you select "share cart to photographer" we are then able to access it


Q. Can I add a special editing request to my photo order?

A. Yes. While you are in your cart you can select "add special instruction" (located next to the photo or pack you want altered) and enter your request there. 


Q. Can I order Dance Competition photo packs online?

A. Dance Competition photo packs must be ordered via our photo pack from. Please email us if you wish to view a photo pack form. 

We are working on adding these packs to our online gallery


Q. I am struggling to navigate your gallery, am I able to order over the phone or via email?

A. Yes. I can process your order manually over the phone if you are struggling.

Alternatively, I can process your order using your favourites list. Contact me via my email and include the types of products you would like to purchase (digital or prints).


Q. Why is my gift voucher code not working?

A. Your voucher might be expired or it could not be linked to the online gallery. If you wish to transfer the voucher for the gallery simply send us a photo of your voucher via email or through Facebook or Instagram and I will gladly transfer the voucher.


Q. Do I have to order photos on the day/did I miss out on ordering photos?

A. Photos can be ordered at any time. If you have misplaced the info to access the photos, contact me and I will send you the details on how to view the photos


If your questions has not been answered above please feel free to contact me at [email protected]